NORINO providing of Foods , Sweets, Supplement, Cosmetics and so on.

Foods / 食品

北海道の優れた天然素材を活かした加工食品のご紹介。自分の家族、そして子供たちが安心して食べられる無添加食品をご提供いたします。 その他、オーガニック製品、ハラール、コーシャに認定されている食品の取扱いもございます。

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A typical health food, actually contains lots of food additives. To solidify into a tablet, or to make the powder ingredient more smoothly to improve the production efficiency, there are many different reason why the food additives contained in most of health food product. Although the government sufficiently confirmes the safety of food additives, we don't need to take unnecessary food additives into our body in everydays life. For that reason, we deal mainly with non-food additive products. .

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Supplement / サプリメント

北海道産の原料を使用したサプリメントを中心に全国の日本らしい原料を使用した製品を取り扱っています。 輸出向けに処方を組みなおして提案することも可能です。 海外に輸出したい製品をお持ちを企業様はお気軽にお問合せ下さい。

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We have connections with chemical company and sales companies in Hokkaido. and we are good at planning products used ingredients made in mainly Hokkaido. So as to suit the needs of our customers, ingredients are selected to match import regulations


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Cosmetic / 化粧品



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Natural Cosmetics Brands from Hokkaido that makes your skin pure and glow.
Our skin absorbs the majority of what we put onto it—whether it’s cleansers, creams, lotions, or oils.
That’s why we recommend the highest-quality and most natural ingredients as possible.
If you love natural products, check out our skincare brands and let your natural beauty shine.

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Aizome / 雑貨



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"Aizome" is a blue dye that is made from plants. It imparts a navy blue or indigo colour. It has the advantage of being fade-resistant. Abroad, it has been called 'Japan Blue' or 'Hiroshige Blue', The rich variety of shades which can be produced through different dyeing techniques have come to be called 'The 48 shades of blue', and it is also been used as an anti-bacterial agent, to stop bleeding, and to repel insects.

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